Vstup zdarma.


Work in progress prezentace.

Patrik Kelemen and Lili Raubinek: Rambo
Work in progress prezentace bude trvat přibližně 25 minut a naváže na ni debata s tvůrci.

Tanečníci Kelemen a Raubinek přijíždějí na tvůrčí pobyt do Olomouce z Maďarska. Ve své postmoderní inspiraci Rambem a obdobnými díly se pouštějí do výzkumu násilí a agrese zasazené do nového kontextu.

Vstup na akci je zdarma.



~50min long:
25min showing+
25min discussion (depending on the crowd)

Description of the work:
Rambo is a co-authored and co-produced research initiated by Patrik Kelemen and Lili Raubinek. The work points at the early post-modern as its source of inspiration. It longs back to the time of new physical movement logics and situative performance scenarios inspired by f. e. Simone Forti or Steve Paxton. We propose an investigation in the realm of sensation and expression. The aim is to discover and reflect on certain behaviours of aggression and violence through recontextualization and neutralization.

Rambo calls for the bodies to become tools and sensors for certain out-of-the-ordinary sensations. It bypasses social judgement of certain actions that are taboo or are socially intolerable – specifically in the context of force or a higher dynamic range of expression.

So, what are these bursts of high-intensity exchange to be made of?
How do we approach ourselves in the meanwhile?
How do we approach the other?
Where are the boundaries between the two?
What is empathy in this context?

It calls out for a realistic view on the necessities proposed by our current cultural domain: in the context of sportswear; in the context of life-preservation; in the context of consumption of pharmaceutics; in the understanding of Nature in the Anthropocene.

What is wild? What is crude? What is raw?

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